Environmental Consulting

Our Environmental Consultants are recognized as leaders in their field, they have the proven capabilities to create effective control methods for plagues. In addition, characterize vector and host biology involved in the long-term maintenance and in epizootic/epidemic transmission of plagues. They have the expertise to provide onsite technical guidance and the evaluate chemical-based host targeted and area applications of selected vector control methods. Moreover, provide and conduct ecological investigations of prospectively identified human and animal plague cases, e.g., environmental sources, biological, toxicological and physical. An Environmental Consultant are expert scientist in risk assessment exposure, and adhere to the scientific protocols in order to generate data that is accurately recorded and maintained.

Environmental Consultants capabilities include but are not limited to :

Conduct environmental health studies
Exposure and health risk assessments
Risk modeling
Design of laboratory and environmental health field studies
Personal monitoring and statistical survey design
Data collection, analysis and management
Critical analysis of toxicological, environmental, and health data
Statistical analysis
Scientific reports
Manuscript writing and preparation
Dissemination of findings