Acquiring and retaining high-quality professional talent is critical to an organization’s mission and success. Poor recruiting decisions can produce long-term negative effects, among a few are: training and development costs, poor performances, low quality of production and services, and high turnover which impact overall morale and the retention of organizational memory. Without the right talent being recruited an organization is not moving forward and eventually fails.

CTS Global recruits and selects people with the commitment, passion, ambition and pride to successfully add value and make a difference in the Public Health community.  Through proprietary data systems of real live ready to work people (not just numbers), employee alumni, a global network of references and our own never quit attitude is how we find and hire our employees. We believe other companies may be able to do what we do but we do it faster, better and to our clients’ satisfaction, it is a guarantee.

Due to our expertise and track record of success, U.S. government organizations and private sector companies ask us for assistance to find the right people for domestic and international work. If your organization needs recruiting assistance or consulting services, please contact us via email or Request Information.

If you would like to be considered a team member of CTS Global, please take a moment to complete the on-line application.  You can be assured our International Recruiters will contact you if you meet the criteria and experience level needed for a position.